Princess Aurora is born with great beauty and has a wonderful christening, but the evil fairy Carabosse is not invited. When she finds out she seeks revenge and curses our heroine. She will prick her finger and die. Can Nurse Nelly and Muddles protect Aurora? Will Prince Valiant save the day? How does the castle survive with a silly King an stupid guards? Why are there so many questions? A rip-roaring ride from start to finish, Sleeping Beauty definitely won’t send your audience to sleep!


4F 4M 2M/F plus chorus and dancers


PRINCESS AURORA        The subject of the piece    F

PRINCE VALIANT            Our hero                           F

NURSE NELLY                 Dame                               M

MUDDLES THE JESTER    Comic                              M

CARABOSSE                    The Evil Fairy                   F

FAIRY STARDUST             The Immortal Fairy           F

KING PUTUPON               The King of the Palace     M

LORD CHAMBERPOT        The King’s righthand man M

SPIT                                A Palace Guard                M/F

POLISH                           A Palace Guard                M/F


first performed in 2009
— Hyde Festival Theatre


MUDDLES             Nurse Nelly where are we, I have never been in this part of the Palace before

NURSE NELLY        Come on Muddles, are you a man or a mouse?

MUDDLES              Well I like cheese! Hiya Gang!

AUDIENCE             Hiya Muddles (action)

NURSE NELLY        Muddles look! (points at spinning wheel)

                              Hold on, I thought spinning wheels were banished from the Kingdom.  Look its Princess Aurora’s scarf (or which ever article she dropped)

                              Oh woe, woe, woe...

MUDDLES               Your boat gently down the stream...

NURSE NELLY         Muddles! Oh woe, woe, woe...

MUDDLES               Sweet child of mine...

NURSE NELLY         Muddles! Princess Aurora must have run from here and dropped this, I hope there is nothing wrong!

MUDDLES goes to the spinning wheel

MUDDLES              Look Nurse Nelly, there is blood on this spinning wheel

NURSE NELLY        Look Muddles, there is blood on the Princess’ scarf!

MUDDLES              Does that mean... Surely not...

NURSE NELLY starts getting upset

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