We all know the story of Christmas right? Well, maybe not… This is the tale of Santa Claus and his struggle to ensure Christmas goes which its usual smoothness. Unfortunately, the Snow Queen with her side-kick, Jack Frost, and his henchmen Mince & Meat, will try everything to pinch all the presents form the Fisher & Price Toy Shop. Can Price and his girlfriend Holly Berry defend Christmas? Will Buddy the Elf and Mary Christmas help in any way what so ever? There is only one way to find out…

(an alternative title 'The Snow Queen', would also work for this script)


4F 6M 2M/F plus chorus and dancers


PRICE                        Toymaker’s son and Principal Boy               F

HOLLY BERRY            Price’s girlfriend and Principal Girl              F

FISHER                      Price’s father and Toymaker                       M

PAPPA ELF                Chief Elf (could be Mamma Elf)                  M (F)

MARY CHRISTMAS     Dame                                                        M

BUDDY THE ELF         Comic                                                      M

THE SNOW QUEEN    Evil Baddie                                               F

JACK FROST              Side-kick of the Snow Queen                    M

MINCE                       Jack Frosts henchmen and Comedy Duo   M/F

MEAT                        Jack Frosts henchmen and Comedy Duo   M/F

CHRISTMAS TREE FAIRY    Immortal Fairy                                  F

SANTA CLAUS                  Himself                        

ELVES OF LAPLAND          Chorus            


ESKIMOS                          Chorus

SNOWMEN                       Dancers/Chrous

The show itself started with a bang! The scout group behind me could barely keep on their seats throughout the show due to sheer excitement and a desire to be a part of the action


JACK FROST        I like blacks

                           I like whites

                           I will stop your Christmas lights


JACK FROST        Ah-ha, what have we here

As JACK FROST approaches the sack...

AUDIENCE          Buddy!!

BUDDY runs on

BUDDY               Wow that was quick, thanks kids! Hold on, who are you?

JACK FROST       I young man, am your worst nightmare

BUDDY               Your not the Elf and Safety Office are you? Elf and safety!

JACK FROST       I am Jack Frost, servant of the wicked Snow Queen, and these are my henchmen, Mince & Meat

BUDDY               Mince-meat, you’re really ‘raisin’ the stakes there

MEAT                 What’s he mean boss?

JACK FROST      Nothing, I told you two to be quiet, I will do all the talking

MINCE               Yes Meat, Jack will do all the talking

JACK FROST      (to BUDDY) So, Mr Elf, where are all the presents

BUDDY               There are no presents around here mate

JACK FROST       Then where in this stupid place can I find some presents! 

MEAT                 Hey boss, maybe they will tell us (pointing at the AUDIENCE)

JACK FROST      Be quiet!!! (to AUDIENCE) Will you tell me?

AUDIENCE         No

BUDDY              Have you tried the 'H'aunted 'H'ouse on the 'H'ill? (emphasizing the H)

JACK FROST      The 'H'aunted 'H'ouse on the 'H'ill? (emphasizing the H)

BUDDY              Yes, the 'H'aunted 'H'ouse on the 'H'ill (emphasizing the H), there is always a ‘presence’ in there!! 

JACK FROST      You fool, I mean Christmas presents!

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