(Character 'FLESHCREEP' won a NODA Award for Best Comedy Performance 2016)

Dame Tilly Trott is the proprietor of “Tilly Trott’s Circus”, but times are hard. Giant Blunderbore and his horrible wife insist on sending their henchman, Fleshcreep (played on his knees), to the village of ‘Much Piddling in the Marsh’ to collect the taxes and do their dirty work. Jack Trott has to sell Buttercup the Cow so the family can make ends meet. Simple Simon provides the laughs and Jill Crumble provides the love, but how will the family survive?


4F 4M plus chorus and dancers


GIANT BLUNDERBORE        Baddie                                      M

VEGETABLE FAIRY              Lettuce the immortal fairy         F

DAME TILLY TROTT            Panto Dame, circus proprietor   M

SIMPLE SIMON                  Silly son of Dame Trott              M

JACK TROTT                     Hero son of Dame Trott             F(M)

JILL CRUMBLE                   Girl friend of Jack Trott            F

MRS BLUNDERBORE          Giants horrible wife                  F

FLESHCREEP                     Giants henchman, played on knees   M

OTHERS                            Villagers, Servants of the Giant

Who ever decided to play this (Fleshcreep) as a short person and put him on his knees was inspired. I literally couldn’t stop laughing every time he was on stage.
— Sharon Drummond, NODA


DAME TROTT        Ok, maybe you’ve got a point. Anyway, I’ll need more time to get to know XXXX. Hi XXXX (waves and winks at man). Hold on, do you mean to tell me, that all these mums and dads, and boys and girls missed our AMAZING circus acts?

SIMPLE SIMON     Mum, we haven’t got any amazing circus acts!

DAME TROTT        Shut up Simple Simon

SIMPLE SIMON     We are the only circus that hasn’t even got any animals!

DAME TROTT        No animals! Wash your mouth out Simple Simon, what about Buttercup the cow?

SIMPLE SIMON     Mum, Buttercup the cow isn’t in the circus!

DAME TROTT        Buttercup may not be in the circus but she does give us our milk! Where would we be without her?

SIMPLE SIMON     In Asda, buying milk like everyone else

DAME TROTT        Since the Giant keeps putting the taxes up, I’ve got a little behind!

SIMPLE SIMON     Who are you trying to kid!!

DAME TROTT        We’ve had to cut back! We can’t afford anything anymore..(encourage a reaction from the audience) No, it’s worse than that.. (encourage audience even more) The only thing I’ve managed to keep is my big top! (adjust bosom) I thought you’d notice that XXXX

SIMPLE SIMON     Mum, I even heard today that Peter Small the Human Cannonball has left the circus too

DAME TROTT        Oh no, I’ll never find another man of his calibre!! (looks at audience for reaction to joke) The jokes don’t get any better you know!

SIMPLE SIMON     You remember what happened to Nellie the Elephant!

DAME TROTT        Yes, Nellie the Elephant packed her trunk and said goodbye the circus...

SIMPLE SIMON     Then off she went with a trumpety-trump (encourage the audience) Trump trump trump!

DAME TROTT        Even the bearded lady went to sing at Eurovision! Oh Simon, what are we going to do. The Giant is going to want the taxes any day now

SIMPLE SIMON      It’s ok mum, I’ve got an idea

DAME TROTT        That’s what I’m afraid of!!!

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