Nearly a year has gone by...

Wow, I cannot believe it has been a year since I updated my Blog!

I have been very, very busy! It is great to have lots of requests to read my scripts and to work with new people on getting them to the stage. It’s also great that many people come back again and again for another script, I must be doing something right!

CINDERELLA and ROBIN HOOD are both now available after having their Premiere’s in 2018

I also went back to the stage for my 2nd year at Turn Again Theatre in Holmfirth and absolutely loved it again. This time as Grandma Hood from my very own ‘Red Riding Hood’ script.

I went and visited more of my scripts than ever this year and made many new friends, thank you to everyone for making me so welcome.


This is my new Brexit dress! Everyone wants me out of it, but when I am out of it, they are not quite sure!!

3 New Scripts

Hi all

Wow cannot believe its nearly the end of May already!! Getting lots of requests for scripts for the 2018-2019 season already and CINDERELLA and ROBIN HOOD will definitely be available soon... PETER PAN will follow soon afterwards.

When I send my scripts out, people very rarely give feedback on what they like and what they don't like, which is frustrating. The reviews AFTER a show are really heart warming and give me confidence that I am heading in the right direction but ANY feedback is welcome from anyone, at any time! Just drop me an email.

Well, thats it for now... TTFNADWTN


Jokes about sugar are rare, jokes about brown sugar... demerara!

Busy, busy, busy...

Wow, I can't believe it's May since my last post!!

I've been really, really busy with lots of requests for script and helping societies/groups transform my scripts to fit their needs, which is really satisfying.

This also means I STILL haven't finished Cinders or Peter Pan (sorry), I am trying to put my stamp on these traditional stories.

Please get in touch if you have any requests or require any more info -


People said I wouldn't get over my obsession with Phil Collins... but take a look at me now!


Thursday 11th May 2017


Hey all, hope you are well. We have moved house now to Holmfirth in Yorkshire. All settled in and its beautiful.

I have also been busy with scripts! Created my outline for "Robin Hood" but not managed to finish "Peter Pan" or "Cinderella" yet, sorry.

Some people are requesting changes to the location/ending of some scripts, which is great as I know not all my situations are suitable to all people. I don't charge for these changes and keep them for future requests.


My wife said she was leaving me because of my obsession with the band "The Monkees", I thought she was joking...  Then I saw her face!


Wednesday 8th February 2017

Hey all, well hope you all had an awesome Pantomime season!

I had many scripts out to new societies and venues and I am going to see a couple more in February too.

We are moving house this week so concentrating on that at the minute and therefore Cinders and Peter Pan delayed a little, but they will both be ready soon


I met the pop group ABBA last night, offered to take them for food, I asked where they'd like to go and they said... Fernandos!

Wednesday 9th November

DICK WHITTINGTON is available now! Check out the script page here.

Can't wait to see it performed for the first time at Guide Bridge Theatre. It's really satisfying to see you work brought to life by such enthusiastic and committed performers, and to hear that your jokes hit the spot.

Cinders and Peter P coming along nicely and should hopefully both be ready pre-Christmas for the 2017 season.

If you haven't done so already, check out my Twitter feed...


I have just seen an Australian man playing "Dancing Queen" on his didgeridoo... I thought, thats Abba-riginal



First BLOG entry

Hey folks, wow what a busy few months I have had writing! I have been inundated with script requests since the launch of this website and I am really pleased with the response. 

'Dick Whittington' has it's premiere this December 2016 at Guide Bridge Theatre in Audenshaw, Manchester (UK) and I currently have structures, characters and some scenes for Cinderella and Peter Pan.

I hope you are enjoying the website, I am working on it whenever I get a spare minute and look out for new features like 'joke of the month' coming soon!!