The tale of Dick Whittington becoming thrice Lord Mayor of London.  Fairy Bowbells helps Dick by sending him a companion, Tommy the Cat. They find London Town where they meets Alderman Fitzwarren and Dick falls for his daughter Alice. But King Rat has a different idea, he hates cats!! With Sarah the Cook and Idle Jack bringing lots of comedy and jokes, this fast paced panto travels from London to Morocco on board the 'Saucy Sally', 

Oh yes he does!




5M 3F and 3M/F plus chorus and dancers


KING RAT                         Evil King of the Rats                              M

FAIRY BOWBELLS             Immortal Good Fairy                              F

DICK WHITTINGTON         Hero of the tale                                    F

TOMMY THE CAT              Dick’s companion                                  M/F

SARAH THE COOK            Dame                                                    M

IDLE JACK                         Comic                                                  M

ALICE FITZWARREN            Love interest for Dick                          F

ALDERMAN FITZWARREN    Alice’s father, owner of the Emporium M

CAPTAIN CRABSTICK          Captain of the Saucy Sally                   M

CAPTAINS MATE                 Shipmate onboard the Saucy Sally      M/F        

SULTAN OF MOROCCO      Grand Emperor of Morocco                 M/F

RAT                                     Ghost scene                                      M/F            

To Premiere at Guide Bridge Theatre, Audenshaw, 2nd - 11th December 2016
— Barry Crossley


IDLE JACK        Hey Sarah, how’s the shop doing, has Haribo Styles been in upto his old Twix!

During the next few lines, IDLE JACK and SARAH stand either side of the sweet cart and hold up the chocolate bar listed in CAPITALS

SARAH            Oh no Jack, not more of your chocolate bar jokes!!

IDLE JACK        Well it will give our shop sales a BOOST! 

SARAH            Does that mean you need to do some work Jack?

IDLE JACK        I’m BOUNTY sell a few.

SARAH            Alright Jack…

IDLE JACK        Well, if you don’t, we can FUDGE the figures?

SARAH            Jack!!!

IDLE JACK        Alright, keep your SNICKERS on

SARAH            Alderman isn’t your best fan at the minute anyway, if we don’t sell some chocolate bars he will have you by the…


SARAH            Come on Jack, you had better buck your ideas up or you’ll be out of a job!

IDLE JACK        Oh no, I couldn’t go back to that other job I had in the shoe recycling factory… It was sole destroying!


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