Robinson Crusoe returns from his island adventures, but for how long? He finds the Pirate treasure and heads back to Skull Island in search of riches.  Captain Jack and his useless Pirates hear about the map and want the treasure for themselves. With the whole Crusoe family involved, island natives and a mermaid, this action packed pantomime is a riot form start to finish. Oh yes it is!


6F 5M 2M/F plus chorus and dancers


A MAGIC MERMAID        Immortal supporter of good       F

CAPTAIN JACK               Evil Pirate                                 M

THE MAJOR GENERAL    Ships captain                            M

ROBINSON CRUSOE       Our hero                                   F (M)

POLLY PERKINS              The love interest of Robinson Crusoe    F

BILLY CRUSOE               Silly son of Mrs Crusoe              M

MRS CRUSOE                 Mother of Billy and Robinson     M

JOLLY                            Pirate                                       M/F

ROGER                           Pirate                                       M/F

NATIVE CHIEF                Native island Chief                   F

MAN FRIDAY                  Older man of the tale               M

NATIVE ONE - TINA             Native islander                    F

NATIVE TWO - MARJORIE    Native Islander                    F


...worked really well and every line was delivered with great timing never missing a chance for the audience to boo
— Sharon Drummond, NODA


MRS CRUSOE enters, she is dressed in a swimming outfit with a rubber ring etc She is singing the theme to ‘The Love Boat’, she has a lilo under her arm. 

MRS CRUSOE          Love, exciting and new, come aboard, we’ve been expecting you, the Love Boat… Hello boys and girls

AUDIENCE              Hello Mrs Crusoe

ROGER sees MRS CRUSOE and takes the chance to get some food, he exits.

MRS CRUSOE         Ah Billy there you are, now, where is the pool?

BILLY CRUSOE       The pool? This isn’t a luxury cruise you know

MRS CRUSOE         No pool! Oh, I’ll just have to li-lo for a while! 

BILLY CRUSOE       Mum, a crab just bit my toe

MRS CRUSOE        Oh no, which one Billy?

BILLY CRUSOE      I’ve no idea, all crabs look the same

MRS CRUSOE        Hey Billy, why did the lobster blush?

BILLY CRUSOE       I don’t know mum, why did the lobster blush?

MRS CRUSOE        Because the sea-weed, ha ha!

ROBINSON CRUSOE and POLLY PERKINS enter, they are looking at the Treasure Map

MRS CRUSOE        Robinson Crusoe, I want a word with you, you said this would be an adventure of a lifetime... A titanic voyage...

“My heart will go on” from Titanic starts to play

BILLY CRUSOE      Look out, iceberg!!!

They ALL react towards stage left, where a lettuce is rolled from, which rolls across the stage to BILLY CRUSOE who picks it up

BILLY CRUSOE      Ha ha, iceberg!!!

POLLY PERKINS    Oh Mrs Crusoe, you must admit, it is very romantic

Sound effect of a seagull. ALL look up and MRS CRUSOE gets a ‘bird poop’ in the eye

MRS CRUSOE        Very romantic

BILLY CRUSOE      Hey mum, why do sea gulls fly over the sea?

MRS CRUSOE        I don’t know Billy, why do seagulls fly over the sea

BILLY CRUSOE      Because of they flew over the bay, they’d bay-gulls

MRS CRUSOE        Come on Billy, you can help me clean up

BILLY CRUSOE      Bye gang!

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