Grandma Hood has to be careful when returning to her cottage as a werewolf is on the loose! Can Red Riding Hood get to her Grandma’s cottage on time and will Prince Percival protect them both? And what scheming plan does Count Lupus have up his sleeve? With a laboratory, a kitchen and a cottage this fun packed panto races along from start to finish.


5F 6M 4M/F plus chorus and dancers


DECIDUA                     The Forest Fairy                    F

PRINCE PERCIVAL        Our Hero                               F

VALET                          The servant of the Prince      M/F

RED RIDING HOOD      The principal girl                    F

SIMPLE SIMON             Comic                                   M

GRANDMA HOOD        Dame                                    M

HUSTLE                        Count Lupus Henchman        M/F

BUSTLE                        Count Lupus Henchman        M/F

MAYOR                        Dignitary of the town           M

MAYORESS                  Mayor’s wife                         F

COUNT LUPUS            The villain of the piece          M

EGOR                          Lupus’ assistant                    M/F

MONSTER ‘FRANK’       Lupus’ creation                     M

NOSEY PARKER           News Reporter                      F

FLASH EDDY              Photographer                         M    

...was very good as Simple Simon, stirring the kids in the audience to a frenzy every time he came on stage
— Sharon Drummond, NODA


GRANDMA        No, it was worse than that!

AUDIENCE        Awe

GRANDMA        Well, I left him actually.  All he did all day was eat pasta!  Pasta for breakfast, pasta for dinner, pasta for tea.  But now he’s gone

AUDIENCE         Ahhhh

GRANDMA         I’m feeling cannelloni.  So, I’m looking for a new man! (looks around the AUDIENCE) I’m gonna struggle here aren’t I, and I’ve got my special Star Trek bloomers on.  They go where no man has gone before!  Ha ha, you can Kling-on to that one! Well, I usually get a welcome party... But where is everybody? Oh here they are!

TINIES enter to sing GRANDMA a song

TINIES               Hello Grandma

GRANDMA        Hello darlings, have you got a song for me?

TINY1                Yes Grandma

TINIES sing 

SONG SUGGESTION : “Grandma We Love You” by ‘St Winifred’s School Choir’

At the end of the song the TINIES exit

GRANDMA         Thank you, bye, bye


RRH & SIMON    Grandma

RRH and SIMON give GRANDMA a big hug

SIMON              Hiya gang (action)

AUDIENCE        Hiya Simon (action)

GRANDMA        My, look at you two, haven’t you grown!

VILLAGER 1        Grandma Hood, Count Lupus and his cronies are on their way to the village

SIMON              Hey gang, Count Lupus is the nasty Count who lives in the castle over looking the village, will you boo and hiss every time he comes on?

AUDIENCE        Yes

SIMON              Thanks gang

VILLAGER 2       The rumours are, he is coming to increase the taxes

RRH                  You can’t believe everything you read on Twitter you know

VILLAGER 3      But Red Riding Hood, we have no more money

RRH                  Quick, fetch the Mayor and Mayoress

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